About San Marcos

Historical legends claim that the San Luis Rey Mission flocks were robbed by a small band of Indians in the late 1700’s. Fleeing the Spanish troops, the Indians escaped to the hills. While pursuing the Indians, the Spaniards came upon a fertile valley in 1797, which was named Los Vallecitos de San Marcos and translates to “Little Valleys of Saint Mark”. In 1887 the San Marcos Land Company bought almost all of the San Marcos land formerly owned by the Couts family and promptly divided the land into tracts. Soon the beautiful hills began attracting home-seekers.

As the number of homeowners began to rise, so did the need for education. San Marcos is a city located in San Diego North, and is know as the “Hub of Education”, where it is best known as the home of California State University, San Marcos. The City of San Marcos has seen trendous growth over the past decade and it offers a myriad of businesses, restaurants, shopping, trails, and outdoor activites. San Marcos is the perfect place to raise a family or enjoy the splendor that San Diego North has to offer.

San Marcos