About Scripps Ranch

Scripps Ranch was originally a 400 acre ranch purchased by newspaper publisher, E.W. Scripps, in 1890. E.W. Scripps and his half-sister, Ellen Browning Scripps, purchased the 400 acres for $5,000. Thirty of these acres we used to build his adobe ranch house, which was completed in 1898. Eventually E.W. Scripps acquired 2,100 acres and was considered a laughingstock for investing in a property that was considered stony, waterless and treeless.

Scripps Ranch is an upscale subcommunity located in the City of San Diego known for is outdoor activities and family oriented neighborhoods. In addition to these beautiful neighborhoods, home owners enjoy beautiful parks, trails, wildlife nature preserves, and scenic views. Adjacent to Miramar Lake, Scripps Ranch consists of thousands of acres of countryside, eucalyptus and pine groves. Approximately 32,476 people reside in this community of rolling hills and greenery. If you are looking for a get-away that you call home, Scripps Ranch could be the place for you.

Scripps Ranch